NCD Race Series

NCD Cross Country Skiing Race Series   

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Hello everyone - welcome to the NCD Race Series!
This race series is coordinated by the National Capital Division for all athletes in the Ottawa/Outaouais Region - yes BOTH Ontario and Quebec.
The series is intended to provide athletes with opportunities to race at local events (within a 1-2 hour drive) to gain experience on a variety of trails and event types.  In addition, the series provides clubs with a forum where they can reach all skiers in the area.

The race series is specifically targeted at athletes between the ages of 8 to 14 so they can see what racing is all about, however we encourage athletes of all ages and experience to come on out and enjoy!  Right now we have races that serve athletes of all ages from 5 to 85.

As a participant in the race series (both athletes and clubs) you have the opportunity to earn points that at the end of the year are totalled for awards and prizes.  All of the details can be found in the technical package.  

However to make things easy here are some of the key considerations:

Race Categories 
The ages refer to the athlete's age as of December 31st, 2017, YOB is Year of Birth

2018 Season Categories
Male   Female  
Atom Boys 1 – Age 6 2011 Atom Girls 1 – Age 6 2011
Atom Boys 2 – Age 7 2010 Atom Girls 2 – Age 7 2010
Mighty Mite Boys 1 – Age 8 2009 Mighty Mite Girls 1 – Age 8 2009
Mighty Mite Boys 2– Age 9 2008 Mighty Mite Girls 2– Age 9 2008
Pee Wee Boys 1 – Age 10 2007 Pee Wee Girls 1 – Age 10 2007
Pee Wee Boys 2 – Age 11 2006 Pee Wee Girls 2 – Age 11 2006
Midget Boys 1 – Age 12 2005 Midget Girls 1 – Age 12 2005
Midget Boys 2 – Age 13 2004 Midget Girls 2 – Age 13 2004
Juvenile Boys – Age  14, 15 2003 Juvenile Girls – Age 14,15 2003
  2002   2002
Junior Boys – 16,17 2001, 2000 Junior Girls - Age 16.17 2001, 2000
Junior Men – 18,19 1999, 1998 Junior Women- 18,19 1999, 1998
Senior Men – 20-29 1997 - 1988 Senior Women – 20-29 1997 - 1988
Masters Men – 30+ 1987 & earlier Masters Women – 30+ 1987 & earlier
Note: athletes can race up categories, hover points are earned in the category raced.

Points Calculations and Rules Summary
  1. There is a separate report for each age and gender category that provides the detailed points breakdown by athlete.
  2. Points are awarded on the basis of 15 for 1st place, 13 for 2nd, 11 for 3rd, 10 for fourth and so on, all finishers from 13th place and on get 1 point each.
  3. The first three finishers in each age category from Atom through Masters are eligible for awards.
  4. The top 'n' race results count towards individual rankings, where 'n' is defined by how many races qualify depending on snow availability. This will be determined by the NCD Executive near the end of the season and posted on this site.
  5. All points accumulated by each racer contribute to club points totals.
  6. Only registered NCD and Outaouais clubs and skiers will accrue NCD points.
  7. Skiers who enter more than one age category cannot combine points across categories.
  8. A tie for any position in a particular race results in equal points being awarded.
  9. In case of a tie for an NCD award, athletes with equal points are awarded same placing.
  10. In case of a tie at the award level (1, 2, or 3), the award at the next level is dropped (i.e., two 1st place, no 2nd place) and two names go on trophy for that placing.
  11. Team Relay Points Rules
    i) Points are awarded to the team in the same manner as individual races.  Every member of the first place team is awarded 15 points, every member of the second place is awarded 14 points, 13 points for 3rd and so on. Every member from the 15th place team and beyond are awarded one point.
    ii) Points are awarded for the category raced.  Regardless of the skier's normal, age appropriate category.  Be aware that if an athlete races in one category for the individual events, and chooses to race in a different category for a team relay, the points will NOT be combined. This is consistent with points for individual races: you get points for the category you race in.

Awards are presented at the NCD Banquet, usually held in April.  Come on out to celebrate the ski season with all other clubs in the region!!!!