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NCD Coaching Courses

Provincial Coaching Workshops

The most definitive list of all coaching courses in Ontario can be found on the Cross-Country Ontario Site: Coaching Courses (http://xco.org/coaching/coachcourses.htm)

For Quebec, pelase go to http://www.skidefondquebec.ca/entraineurs_officiels/formation_entraineurs.php

NCD Coaching Courses  for 2016/2017

The 2016-2017 ski season is nearly upon us!  Time to plan to either take your first coaching course, or upgrade your coaching skills by taking a higher level course.  Below you will find the courses being hosted at Nakkertok though 2016/2017.  These courses will be in English and are open to all clubs, groups or interested parties as long as you meet the pre-requisites.  Please contact your club regarding its policies for reimbursing the course fee.


Registration deadline




Introduction to Community Coach (ICC) - this is the first level

Prerequisites: must be 14 years old by the end of the course

Sun Nov. 20 

Thurs. Nov. 17Nakkertok SouthGeoff TomlinsonRegistration
   Sat Dec. 3  Sat Dec. 3 Wesley Clover Parks  Amy Fraser  Registration

Community Coach (CC)

Prerequisites: Must have done ICC course, must be 14 years old by the end of the course

Jan 6,7,8

Dec. 9 Nakkertok SouthGeoff TomlinsonRegistration

Learn to Train – Dry Land (L2T - DL)

Prerequisites: Must have done CC course  (Community Coach Trained)

Nov. 12, 13 

Nov. 12Nakkertok South & Gatineau ParkJennifer TomlinsonRegistration
 May 6, 7  2017  Nakkertok South & Gatineau Park  Jennifer Tomlinson  

Learn to Train – On Snow (L2T - OS)

Prerequisites: Must have done L2T dryland course

March 11, 12


Train to Train – Dryland (T2T - DL)

Prerequisites: Must be minimum L2T Trained – (taken both the dryland and on snow courses)


If you are a new coach and don't already have a NCCP number, you will be able to create one. Follow the instructions as listed on the registration page under: First Time Here?