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NCD Coach development workshop #4 - guerrilla gymnastics! Sunday October 4, 2015

posted Sep 14, 2015, 10:14 AM by NCD HPC-Rep

Fundamental Movement Skills for Land based sports,  Strength and dynamic balance,  Ages 8 to adult


Facilitator: Colin Richardson a L4 gymnastics coach

Date:  Sunday October 4  930 to 11 am

Location:  Nakkertok South

Cost = $5/coach


1. Falling and Rising: Break fall, importance of protect‎ing your head. Rising, how to get up after a fall?  Rolling up to your feet, developing upper body power to pop up from your chest. 

2. Dynamic Balance: keeping on your feet while moving, keeping your center of gravity low, wide base of support.  

‎3. Strength: strength exercises for running using little or no equipment?  Toe Crunches, calf raises and reverse, band work for legs, hamstring curls (no handed push ups with partner), landings.

4. Range of Motion of legs, feet, ankles? Training flexibility in those areas.  


You must register for this workshop here:



Please share with your respective coaching communities

Please arrive at 915 am!

Please dress for the weather - we are outside rain, sleet, snow or shine!