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NCD Timing Equipment

This page contains information regarding the NCD Timing Equipment.

Usage Guidelines

First is important information from the custodian:

My name is Gordon Williams and I’m the custodian of the NCD Timing Equipment this year.  This equipment consists primarily of the electronic timers and 2-way radios that NCD clubs use during their races.  This equipment is available for all levels of events from national sanctioned events down to internal club events such as training time trials.

Please forward this message to the people responsible for running these events at your club (race organizers, club coaches).  They can contact me directly if they want to reserve the equipment or if they have questions.

This year the NCD Board has established a set of guidelines (see attached file at the bottom of this page entitled “NCD Timing Equipment Guidelines.pdf”) for the use of
the equipment.  It should be reviewed.  It’s purpose is to make borrowing and returning this equipment as easy and straight forward as possible so that we can maximize the utilization of this equipment.

There are two points which I would like to highlight:

The DECEMBER 1st deadline is approaching fast.  ALL important events shouldhave their reservations sent to me by this date.  Please email me at or stating the date(s) you would like the equipment.  You should NOT assume that because you are running an NCD series race or
provincial race that the equipment is automatically reserved for you.  You must contact me to obtain a priority reservation.  We want to avoid any scheduling conflicts that may result in disappointment and frustration.

After the Dec. 1st date, the equipment can still be reserved, but on a first-come, first-served basis, if it is available.  No preference will be given for the importance of the event after Dec. 1.

The NCD Board is looking at the long term care and replacement of this equipment and have implemented a nominal charge.

All race events are to be charged $1.00 per day per competitor, with a minimum fee of $50 and a maximum fee of $200.  Typically this would be charged as part of the race fee and collected directly by the NCD Treasurer.

This applies only to races and not to equipment testing/practice sessions or small internal club events such as training time trials.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Gordon Williams
NCD Timing Equipment Custodian

NCD race assets available for use:

  • 2 Summit Timers and accessories
  • UPS back-up for timers
  • 14 two-way radios, chargers and accessories
  • 2 Bib order cameras and associated equipment
  • Updated 1 set of race bibs numbered 1-450
  • New Stadium Clock suitable for out door use – nice and big
  • New 3 laptop computers with zone4 software installed – to be used as support computers to the “master” run by timing/results chief
  • Metal lane dividers (a bunch)
  • 1 set of incomplete race bibs numbered 1-99 suitable for time trials