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  • Officials Course Nov. 19-20 Combined Level 1 and 2

    On November 19 and 20, Nakkertok will be hosting a Combined Level 1 and 2 officiating course open to members of all clubs in the national capital region. The course will be led by Jim McCarthy, along with Dirk Van Wijk, Jeff Pouw and Emil Jacobson

    Date and Time:     November 19th and 20th from 9am until approximately 4pm  

    Place:                   Nakkertok South in the Blue Room above the barn

    This two-day course covers Level 1 and Level 2 and will address the different race formats and techniques, key race functions, Cross Country Canada Rules and Regulations, and will teach you how to interpret the rules for a specific level of competition, organize and officiate an interval start, pursuit, mass start and relay competitions and make organizational decisions which take into account the athlete and risk management.  Since the course covers two levels you will not need any prerequisites to register.  An added bonus is that the course is FREE!
    Register as follows:

    Go to CCC's Officials Website at https://cccofficials.moonami.com/
    Scroll down the "Available Courses" section to find the course titled CCC Officials Level 2 Certification Nakkertok [This does cover both levels 1 and 2] led by Jim McCarthy and click on the title.   Follow the instructions to create an account. When you are asked to enter a registration key it is as follows: 20161119.
    Please note that this course is offered in English only. 
    For any questions please contact Jim McCarty at jamesgrahammccarthy@gmail.com

    Posted Oct 19, 2016, 9:43 PM by NCD HPC-Rep
  • Coaching Courses L2T Dryland and On-Snow
    L2T dryland and on-snow courses are scheduled over the coming months, to be held at Nakkertok South and Gatineau Park. Registration will open closer to the course date on Zone4.

    L2T Dryland
    November 12/13  2016 at Nakkertok/Gatineau Park
    May 6/7 2017  at Nakkertok/Gatineau Park

    L2T On-Snow
    March 11/12 at Nakkertok 
    Posted Oct 19, 2016, 9:28 PM by NCD HPC-Rep
  • CCO Annual Coaching Seminar, June 4/5, 2016 in Ottawa

    We have an amazing line up of presenters and activities for this weekend. This is a MUST for all coaches. 

    Presenters: George Chiappa, Mike Vieira, Joel Jacques, Kieran Jones, Sheila Kealey, Robin McKeever (sponsored by Team Hardwood), Suzanne Reid, Sue Holloway

    Registration is now open on zone 4. Deadline May 27, 2016

    Cost:   Full conference participation:                          $85.00 (includes lunches and dinner)

                Saturday only with dinner                               $60.00

                Saturday only without dinner                          $40.00

                Sunday only                                                    $40.00

    Saturday, June 4, 2016

    George Chiappa Using energy systems to maximize strength improvement

    Mike Vieira Developing lactate tolerance

    Joel Jacques Ski Selection

    Kieran Jones Periodization:  When Theory Meets Reality

    Sheila Kealey Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

    High Performance Round Table

    Sunday, June 5, 2016 Gatineau Park

    Robin McKeever    Technique Analysis double pole

    Suzanne Reid Active recovery

    Sue Holloway Female Athletes: Weight

    Posted Apr 30, 2016, 7:35 AM by NCD HPC-Rep
  • Coaching course: L2T Dryland May7-8
    The NCD will be hosting a L2T dryland course on May 7/8 in Cantley/Gatineau.  You must have completed your Community Coach course in order to attend.
    The course will run for two full days (8:30 to 4:30) and involves the following topics:
    • The sport needs of athletes in the L2T age group - the golden age of learning
    • Developing and evaluating a sport program for this age group
    • Key athletic components - Stamina, Flexibility, Speed, Skill, Strength
    • Adventure based activities
    • nutrition
    • Introduction to roller-skiing...the safe start and developing agility
    • Safety and risk management
    • ski walking and ski striding
    • introduction to video and technique analysis
    • Ethical decisions and the decision framework
    Registration closes on May 4th  - register now  http://new.zone4.ca
     We need at least six people to run the course so tell your friends!
    Posted Apr 26, 2016, 2:37 PM by NCD HPC-Rep
  • NCD Capital Grant Application Guidelines

    The National Capital Division of Cross Country Ontario will offer up to two grants for a combined value of up to $1,000 each. Grants will be paid out in the time period from August 01, 2015 to July 31, 2016.

    Intent: The grants are intended to assist NCD Clubs to purchase major capital assets that will enhance facilities and/or programs provided for NCD Club members.


    • Must be a member club of the NCD with all CCO and NCD fees paid as of the date the application is submitted.
    • Funding is for major capital assets with an expected life of five years or more.
    • If the Club ceases to be a member in good standing of the NCD within two years of receiving payment from the NCD, NCD is to be refunded the grant amount.
    • The contribution/grant made by NCD Member Clubs is to be acknowledged on the recipients’ website.

    Payment by NCD: 

    • NCD will make payment to a successful applicant upon receipt of an invoice from the supplier of the capital asset.

    Application: Applications should describe the capital asset, the need, and how it will benefit club members. Applicants are to include actual cost of the asset, and the amount for which funding is requested. Applications must be received before 8:00 p.m. on February 29, 2016 and are to be submitted to the NCD Treasurer (segoodyearstein.com) copied to the Chair (thomlyon@rogers.com) and NCD Secretary (mikexcski@gmail.com).

    Award: All eligible applications will be reviewed by three members of the NCD Board appointed for this purpose, including one of which must be the Treasurer. Successful proponents will be advised at the March 7th, 2016 meeting of the NCD.

    Posted Feb 25, 2016, 6:36 PM by NCD HPC-Rep
  • Chelsea Super Sprint Jeunesse

    Click-on your skis, this year’s Chelsea Super Sprint Jeunesse will be like no other. If you thought the last couple years were exciting, the 2016 edition will knock your knickerbockers off!

    This year, the race will be held on February 27th at Jacques-Cartier Park as part of the Ski Tour Canada FIS World Cup. Guaranteed fun for athletes, family, coaches, and of course, spectators. Guaranteed snow – if El Niño gets in the way, they have what it takes to make snow.

    Race info is available here on our brand new website. The race is open to skiers age 8-18 years old as of December 31, 2015. The event is open to everyone!!

    ACTION: Early bird registration is now open. Please sign up as soon as possible – it will allow us to better plan.

    Exciting skiing. Comradery. Fun competition. Awesome spectator sport as you get to see the whole race. Music. Charles IGA-catered food. Friends and family. You don’t want to miss it!

    Please share Events Page with family, friends, other clubs and on Facebook and other social media networks.

    Hope to see you there.

    The Chelsea Super Sprint Jeunesse organizing committee


    Le Chelsea Super Sprint Jeunesse sera comment dire, extraordinaire cette année. Un endroit et un format unique qui éclipsera les courses des dernières années – je vous le promet!

    Cette année, la course aura lieu le 27 février au parc Jacques-Cartier sur le parcours des pros de la Coupe du Monde Ski Tour Canada. Du fun pour non seulement les athlètes, mais aussi pour la famille, les entraineurs, et bien sure, les spectateurs! La neige y sera, peut importe les caprices de El Niño – ils ont de l’équipement pour faire de la neige.

    Vous trouverez ici, toute l’information pour cet évènement hors-pair. La course est ouverte aux skieurs de 8 à 18 ans (avant le 31 décembre, 2015). L’évènement est ouvert à tous!

    ACTION : Rendez-vous à la page d’inscription dès aujourd’hui. Le plus vite que vous inscrivez votre enfant, mieux c’est pour la planification de l’évènement.

    Du ski amusant. La camaraderie. Le plaisir. Et n’oubliez pas….c’est un sport excitant pour les spectateurs puisqu’ils peuvent y voir toute la course, du début jusqu’à la fin. De la musique. De la bouffe gracieuseté d’ IGA Charles. Famille, voisins, grand-maman. Ne manquez pas le fun!

    SVP partagez la page d’évènement du club avec famille, amis, et autres clubs de la région. N’oubliez pas de partager sur Facebook et autres médias sociaux.

    J’espère que vous allez y être.

    Le comité organisateur du Chelsea Super Sprint Jeunesse

    Posted Feb 2, 2016, 12:12 PM by NCD HPC-Rep
  • Tay Valley Loppet Postponed
    The Loppet has been postponed (original date Feb.7).  The new planned date is for Feb.14, to be confirmed. 
    Posted Feb 1, 2016, 9:00 PM by NCD HPC-Rep
  • NCD Race Series Standings
    The NCD Race Series standings are now available for each category. Local athletes have participated in two fantastic events so far this year, the Kanata Pretzel Sprints at the new home of Kanata Nordic at Wesley Clover Parks and the Coupe Skinouk which featured an exciting skiathlon format.  Look to the 2016 NCD Series Standings page after each event during the season for the latest point totals. Remember that awards and prizes will be presented for each category in April at the NCD banquet
    Posted Jan 25, 2016, 5:30 PM by NCD HPC-Rep
  • 2016 NCD Race Series
    The 2016 NCD Race Series schedule is now available, there are ten races in total and open to all ages from Atom through to Masters athletes. The NCD series is specifically targeted at ages 8 to 14 and enables  these athletes to learn about racing and compete in a range of different race formats. Athletes of all ages earn points in each NCD series event raced. The three top athletes in each category with the highest point totals at the end of the series are eligible for prizes at the NCD Awards Banquet in April. There is also a Club Trophy awarded based on total points and participation.  Look to the NCD Race Series page for more details.

    NCD Race Series Schedule
    Date Event Location Format  Registration ends
    1/17/2016 Kanata Nordic Pretzel Sprints Wesley Clover Parks Sprint Skate Jan. 14
    1/23/2016 Coupe Skinouk  Gatineau (Skinouk, Le Relais) Skiathlon Jan. 21
    1/24/2016 CANCELLED: Masters for Juniors Race (XC Chelsea Masters)

    1/30/2016 Silver Spoon DRXC (Deep River), ON Classic  Jan 27
    2/5/2016 NA Eastern Cdn Championships, Ocup#2/Qcup#3 Nakkertok  Skate Spr/Prologue Jan. 28
    2/6/2016 NA Eastern Cdn Championships, Ocup#2/Qcup#3 Nakkertok  Skate Interval Jan. 28
    2/7/2016 NA Eastern Cdn Championships, Ocup#2/Qcup#3 Nakkertok  Classic mass Jan. 28
    2/27/2016 Chelsea Super Sprint Jeunesse (Chelsea Nordiq) Jacques Cartier Park  Sprint Skate  Feb 25
    2/28/2016 Nakkertok Juniors ("Cookie Race") Nakkertok South Skate  Feb 22
    3/6/2016 Thea's Race Nakkertok North Classic  

    For a complete list of all cross-country loppets and races, see the Calendar page. A handy one page 2016 event calendar with all regional events is also available.

    Posted Jan 21, 2016, 1:39 PM by NCD HPC-Rep
  • Coaching Courses: Introduction to Community Coach, Community Coach, L2T

    The following is a list of some of the coaching courses that will be facilitated within the National Capital District this autumn and winter. This is by no means a complete list as two other facilitators may post other course opportunities.

    Registration and payment is on line via www.zone4.ca

    Search for:

       Cross Country Ontario Coaching Course - Ottawa (or NCD), then look for the date. I'm not sure what the course fees will be this year. Last year they were:

       ICC - $100

       CC  - $125

       L2T - $250?

    The minimum age to take an ICC course is 14 as of the first day of the course.  Course materials will be sent to you electronically. The deadline to register will be the Wednesday preceding the start of the course.

    The continuum is as follows: 

    ICC then CC then L2T dry land then L2T on snow.

    Introduction to Community Coach #1:  Sunday, Nov.  8 at Nakkertok South. 8 to 5 pm

    Introduction to Community Coach #2:  Sunday, Nov.  15  CANCELLED   will be rescheduled to a time in December.

    Introduction to Community Coach #3:  Sunday, Nov.  22 at Nakkertok South. 8 to 5 pm

    Community Coach #1:  November 28 and 29. At Nakkertok South 8 to 5 pm

    Community Coach #2:  December 28 and 29 at Nakkertok South 8 to 5 pm.

    L2T dry land:  please let me know if anyone in your respective clubs is interested in taking this course.  I will then inform the facilitator

    L2T on snow:  please let me know if anyone in your respective clubs is interested in taking this course.  I will then inform the facilitator

    Posted Nov 12, 2015, 10:59 AM by NCD HPC-Rep
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