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CCO – NCD News

  • NCD Banquet Friday, April 13, 2018

    Mark your calendar for the annual NCD Banquet at Camp Fortune on Friday, April 13.  Please join your teammates and friends as we celebrate all the participants of the NCD Race Series and look back at the fantastic events we enjoyed this season. There will be an awards ceremony to recognize the top athletes in each of the categories and award their NCD awards.

    Date:  Friday, April 13, 2018
    Time:  6:00pm     dinner served at 6:30pm, awards to follow
    RSVP:  please email Carla Tomlinson at
    Cost:  $25 per person
    Location:   Camp Fortune Main Lodge
    Dinner Menu
    Fresh Baked Rolls
    Spring Mix Salad 
    Roasted Potatoes
    Steamed Vegetables
    Vegetarian Pasta
    Marinated Pork loin with pan drippings 
    Brownies & Fruit Salad
    Coffee & tea station
    Soft drink & Juice station

    Posted Apr 3, 2018, 5:21 PM by NCD HPC-Rep

  • Coupe Skinouk 2018 New Date: March 3 !!

    The Coupe Skinouk skiathlon race date has been re-scheduled to March 3.  Weather conditions did not allow the event to be held.

    All registered skiers and coaches will receive a technical document with the relevant information no later than March 2, 2018.
    Contingency plans:  Any information regarding a change of site or race format if necessary will be announced on February 24, 2018 on the Skinouk Website.

    Posted Jan 18, 2018, 6:48 PM by NCD HPC-Rep

  • Fundrace 2018 by XC Chelsea Masters

    Fundrace 2018 is held to raise funds to support elite Junior ski racers from the National Capital area who are bound to the World Championships. The 2018 World Junior and U23 Championships will be held in Goms, Switzerland from 28 January until 3 February 2018. And just to go there, our Canadian athletes must pay $3,200 prior to departure from Canada.  So, while these elite athletes will be participating in the French Cup races on January 20-21, we will be raising funds and (having) fun racing for them ☺

    The Fundrace 2018 event will raise funds for three superb local athletes attending the World Championships:
    Antoine Cyr                    CNEPH – Skinouk
    Katherine Stewart-Jones    NTDC Thunder Bay – Nakkertok
    Laura Leclair                    CNEPH – Chelsea Nordiq

    • DATE: Sunday 21 January 2018
    • LOCATION: Meredith Centre, 23 chemin Cecil in Chelsea Quebec.
    • STYLE: Classic
    • FORMAT: This will be a fun focused event. Everyone is welcome, kids, youth, adults! Two person team sprint format. Mass start by category. “Team” sprints are two-person teams racing an approx. 750m sprint course. Both team members use the same technique. The first skier races a lap of the course and then tags their teammate, who skis a lap of the course before tagging their teammate. Each teammate skis three laps of the course for a total of six laps per team. Expect each race to take about 30 min.
    • RACE START:   9am
    • BIB PICKUP:   8am
    • CATEGORIES: Open Women, Open Men, Mixed. Each Team will be entered in the age category of the oldest team member.

    *** UPDATED  ***

    All NCD categories are available for registration.
    Register in the male, female, or mixed gender categories
    • Your YOB will be used to register you for the appropriate NCD category. Teams with multiple category ages will have results calculated based on the YOB of the oldest skier.
    • Categories are as follows:
      • Atom  (ages 6/7),
      • Mighty Mite  (ages 8/9).
      • Pee Wee  (ages 10/11),
      • Midget   (ages 12/13),
      • Juvenile (ages 14/15),
      • Junior boy/girls (ages 16/17),
      • Junior men/women (ages 18/19),
      • Senior (ages 20-29),
      • Masters (30+)

    Register here by midnight Jan.19.

    Posted Jan 18, 2018, 6:21 PM by NCD HPC-Rep

  • Coupe Skinouk and Kanata Pretzel Sprints Cancelled

    Both races scheduled for this weekend have been cancelled due to the weather.  Coupe  Skinouk and Kanata Pretzel Sprints are both cancelled, the organizers are working to find an alternate date to hold these excellent events. The rain and warm temperatures have badly damaged the courses and made it impossible to hold these events as planned. Stay tuned for information on rescheduled dates for these events.

    Posted Jan 12, 2018, 5:20 PM by NCD HPC-Rep


    Jan 31 – Feb 4, 2018   Gatineau, Quebec

    Join fellow cross country ski officials from across Canada for this exciting opportunity to learn from a variety of our sport’s top officials, to share event management experiences and to network with other club, division and national officials.  Offered in conjunction with the 2018 Haywood NorAm Eastern Canadians hosted at the Nakkertok Nordic Centre it represents an ideal opportunity to review a number of interesting event formats including Para-Nordic under the direction of an experienced Organizing Committee. This facilitated course will combine a series of expert-led sessions with on-site event observation assignments and participant presentations on pre-course assigned topics. Pre and post course assignments complete the evaluation components of this course.

    The LEVEL 3 OFFICIALS COURSE is designed to prepare officials to:

    1. effectively structure, staff and manage a Competition Committee at Division through National level events,
    2. perform any “major official” role at the National Championship level,
    3. lead an event organizing committee for a major event,
    4. perform the role of a Divisional TD,
    5. be familiar with CCC technical packages, CCC/FIS rules and make appropriate rule interpretations as they apply to CCC Tier 1 and Tier 2 level competitions
    6. be able to provide a risk management assessment for a race site and develop an effective Risk Management plan.
    7. teach the Level 1 and 2 Officials clinics after having achieved Certification
    For further information about the course and registration, follow this link.

    Posted Jan 1, 2018, 12:34 PM by NCD HPC-Rep

  • Nakkertok Alumni Candy Cane Cup Dec.16-17

    The Nakkertok Alumni Candy Cane Cup is an early season, CPL points race.  The idea behind this event is to host a high level race in Eastern Canada in December so that our athletes do not need to travel west and race at altitude in order to test themselves prior to qualifying events that are usually held in early January.  The alumni component is that this race is an opportunity for parents of past racers to come together, re-live old times, and meet the club and the new crop of skiers.


    Saturday – Open (M/W) Category Sprint, free technique
    Sunday – Midget to Masters interval start Classic race distances 2.5 K to 7.5 K


     Please find all the race details in the RACE NOTICE   (English)      (Français)

    This is a LOW-FLUORO Event for ALL CATEGORIES


    • one race $20
    • two races $35
    • Additional costs apply to those who do not have a CCC race license and Quebec residents without a SFQ license


    • Registration deadline is 11:59 p.m. on December 13th, on-line registration in advance only
    • Registration can be accessed at Zone4 
    • Race-day registration is not possible!!

    Posted Nov 27, 2017, 6:53 PM by NCD HPC-Rep

  • Ontario Winter Games

    The 2018 Ontario Winter Games (OWG) will take place March 1st and 2nd bringing young cross-country ski athletes from across the province to compete at Horseshoe Resort. Event participation is for Juvenile (YOB 2002 and 2003) and Midget (YOB 2004) athletes who meet the selection criteria. A total of 60 females and 60 males can qualify for participation in the OWG. There are three ways to qualify for the OWG as described in the 2018 Ontario Winter Games Selection Criteria document, summarized below:

    1. Ontario Talent Squad members are pre-qualified.
    2. Ontario points based on race results at Ontario Cup #2 at Walden CCFC (Sudbury, ON)
    3. District selection as determined by each Ontario District

    For NCD district selections there will be one selection event, the Nakkertok Alumni Candy Cane Cup  on December 17, 2017. There are ten (10) NCD athlete selections, six males and four females. These selections are in addition to all NCD athletes qualified through Ontario Talent Squad or OCup#2 selection.

    The compete NCD selection criteria is listed in the NCD OWG Criteria document.

    Posted Nov 21, 2017, 7:33 PM by NCD HPC-Rep

  • Announcing the 2018 NCD Race Series

    Skiing is now underway in the National Capital with local athletes of all ages ready to start their race season. 

    The NCD Race Series continues a regional race tradition that is now over 25 years old, providing excellent race opportunities for athletes of all ages in a range of race formats. Last year over 700 individual athletes participated in the races. 
    The 2018 NCD Race Series features 8 unique events hosted by our regional clubs that provide athletes the opportunity to develop their skiing technique and race skills in a fun and supportive environment. 
    Date Event Location Format 
      Mar 3 Coupe Skinouk  Gatineau (Skinouk, Le Relais) Skiathlon
    14-Jan-17 Kanata Nordic Pretzel Sprints Wesley Clover Parks Sprint Skate
    Jan. 21 XC Chelsea Masters FundRace Meredith Centre, Chelsea Classic team sprints
    27-Jan-18 Silver Spoon DRXC (Deep River), ON Classic interval
    28-Jan-17 Chelsea Super Sprint Jeunesse TBA Sprint Skate
    Feb 2, 3, 4 Haywood NorAM Eastern Canadian Championships Nakkertok South Cantley Classic Int / Free Int  / Pursuit Classic
    Feb. 24 Nakkertok Juniors (“Cookie Race”) Nakkertok South Skate
    Mar. 4 Thea’s Race Nakkertok North Classic team sprint
    For complete information about races in the NCD Series all the latest information including registration links is on the Race Calendar page.
    For a detailed 2018 season calendar click here

    Posted Jan 18, 2018, 6:52 PM by NCD HPC-Rep

  • Updated Race Categories for NCD Series events

    There are changes in the age categories for this year’s NCD Series events. Working with local coaches and race organizers, the changes are designed to reduce confusion parents and athletes face in race registration and to align to the existing local norms for registration. The result is uniform two year categories for both boys and girls. Series awards will continue to be for Year Of Birth.

    NCD YOB Categories.     Website will indicate the YOB alignment annually.  
    2018 Season Categories
    Male Female
    Atom Boys 1 – Age 6 2011 Atom Girls 1 – Age 6 2011 Colibri
    Atom Boys 2 – Age 7 2010 Atom Girls 2 – Age 7 2010 Colibri
    Mighty Mite Boys 1 – Age 8 2009 Mighty Mite Girls 1 – Age 8 2009 Colibri
    Mighty Mite Boys 2– Age 9 2008 Mighty Mite Girls 2– Age 9 2008 Colibri
    Pee Wee Boys 1 – Age 10 2007 Pee Wee Girls 1 – Age 10 2007 Moustique
    Pee Wee Boys 2 – Age 11 2006 Pee Wee Girls 2 – Age 11 2006 Moustique
    Midget Boys 1 – Age 12 2005 Midget Girls 1 – Age 12 2005 Benjamin
    Midget Boys 2 – Age 13 2004 Midget Girls 2 – Age 13 2004 Benjamin
    Juvenile Boys – Age  14, 15 2003 Juvenile Girls – Age 14,15 2003 Cadet
    2002 2002
    Junior Boys – 16,17 2001, 2000 Junior Girls – Age 16.17 2001, 2000
    Junior Men – 18,19 1999, 1998 Junior Women- 18,19 1999, 1998
    Senior Men – 20-29 1997 – 1988 Senior Women – 20-29 1997 – 1988
    Masters Men – 30+ 1987 Masters Women – 30+ 1987

    Posted Nov 12, 2017, 6:59 PM by NCD HPC-Rep

  • Ontario University Nordic Camp Ottawa 2017

    A fun summer training camp will be held in Ottawa starting Aug.18th.  The training camp is for university students and also welcomes senior high school athletes who have completed or are entering grade 12 who want to learn more about ski racing programs in university and college.

    Date: August 18-20   Location for Meet and Greet:  Arboretum near Carleton

    Accommodation:  Billeting at homes of the local Ottawa athletes and/or camping.

    Food:   Potluck Friday Night. Dinner provided Saturday evening. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are athlete’s responsibility.

    Cost:  25$

    Registration:   registration link

    Here is also the link to the OUNC site we created where all this information is available:

    Planned schedule:

    1) Friday night: Games and potluck dinner
    2) Saturday morning: adventure run in Gatineau Park
    3) Saturday afternoon: rock climbing at vertical reality
    4) Saturday evening: games/yoga/spaghetti dinner
    5) Sunday morning: Rollerski Time Trial in Gatineau Park.
    And the link to our Facebook page that has up to date information:
    If anyone has questions they can email either or

    Posted Jul 28, 2017, 5:02 AM by NCD HPC-Rep